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BNT Galva OÜ is Estonia's largest provider of galvanic/electrochemical coatings, covering a wide range of coatings including. zinc plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, tin plating, aluminium chromate plating, etc.

Tsinkimine - BNT Galva

Electrolytic zinc plating on a cell surface

Electrolytic zinc plating is a common method of coating steel. The coating achieved during the treatment process provides reasonable corrosion protection and a pleasing appearance at low cost.

Nikeldamine rakisel - BNT Galva

Electrolytic nickel plating on the cell surface

Nickel-plating of steel and brass components, mainly for the electronics and electrical industries.

Tinatamine - tinning

Electrolytic tinning

Tin plating of steel, copper and brass components used in the electronics and electrical industries.

BNT Galva passiveerimine

Stainless metal passivation

Passivation removes welding residues from the surface of the stainless metal and increases corrosion resistance.

Tsinkimine trumlis

Electrolytic zinc plating in a drum

Zinc coating of smaller steel parts by the drum method.

Nikeldamine trumlis

Electrolytic nickel plating in a drum

Barrel nickel plating of steel, copper and brass components, mainly for the electronics and electrical industries.


Electrolytic chromium plating

In chrome plating, the steel part is coated with a nickel undercoat, which results in a glossy finish and corrosion protection for the base material.

BNT Galva vibrotöötlus

Other services

We also offer:

  • Vibro-machining of details
  • Measurement reports
  • Storage service