Sustainability at Bestnet

We are your partner in increasing the corrosion resistance of metal parts

Sustainability, both in our work processes and in our production, is one of the five qualities that BNT Galva adheres to and considers important in the services we provide. We’re working to make sure that as a business customer you get the experience that:

  • sustainable
  • innovative and up to date
  • High quality
  • trusted
  • customer-centric

We feel that as a manufacturing company, we also have a responsibility to follow our footprint in the world for future generations: both in energy-intensive manufacturing processes and in providing high-quality, sustainable solutions. We attach no less importance to our employees as customers.

Principles of sustainability in BNT Galva:

We make sure that the technological processes we use at BNT Galva are always up to date. Only in this way can we ensure high-quality and durable services, corrosion-proof coatings that last and look good, and standards that help monitor sustainability.

Efficient energy use

Efficient use of consumables

Safe working environment

High environmental performance

As a subsidiary of a large manufacturing group in Estonia and the Nordic countries, and as a galvanising service provider, we are aware of the overall impact that metal and other industries have on our operations. Today, it is sustainable decisions that underpin our strategic business decisions.

We also feel it is our duty to help our customers and partners find a way to a more sustainable solution. So it’s not just the details that are covered in our work process that are sustainable, it’s our society and our planet.