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ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Technical recommendations for a high quality result

Environmentally sustainable production, where we follow all environmental aspects, legislation, requirements and laws related to production and act in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Other services

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Bureau Veritas certification has certified our factory and production to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Technical recommendations for a quality result

Please provide the following information when sending your request:

  • name of the subscriber
  • Product code of the detail
  • detail material
  • type of coating desired
  • coating thickness in µm and tolerances allowed
  • a drawing of the part with information on the dimensions, surface area and/or weight of the part.
  • specific requirements for visual detail
  • specific packaging requirements or packaging instructions 
  • batch size and annual needs 

Factors affecting the price:

  • the price for suspension galvanizing on cells is based on the surface area of the part to be galvanized (m2).
  • the price includes the palletising on the universal joint;
    in the case of a special jig, a new jig must be produced,
    plus one-off cost of the harness price from €100/piece +km
  • the cleanliness of the substrate;
    parts with particularly dirty, rusty or oily surfaces should be subjected to an extra wash with an extended programme;
    the price of the service is 1.5 times the standard price.
  • type of coating desired
  • coating thickness in µm and tolerances allowed
  • batch size and annual needs
  • specific packaging requirements
  • galvanising and nickel-plating of small parts can be carried out by the drum method (min. quantity 15 kg).
  • the price of barrel plating is based on the weight of the parts (kg)

NB! After galvanisation of the test batch, or in the event of a change in the factors affecting the price, the price of the service is recalculated.

When placing an order, send a purchase order with the following information:

  • name of the subscriber
  • Product code of the detail
  • quantity of detail
  • the type of coating and coating thickness µm required
  • desired delivery time
  • measurement report requirement (extra service 10€ +km).

NB! When sending a new part to plating for the first time, please refer to the section “Sending a request”.

The openings in the details of the design are used:

  • for hanging details
  • for the emergence of liquids from inside the part
  • to avoid air bubbles in tight corners

NB! A small trail may be left at the hanging point after electroplating.
In the case of visually important surfaces, the permitted and suitable locations must be agreed beforehand during the quotation process.

Factors influencing the achievement of a high quality electroplating result:

  • surface finish and cleanliness of the detail
  • the detail must be free of paint and varnish
  • without weld marker inscriptions
  • pre-cleaned silicone spray (better not to use it)
  • the detail must not have closed corners
  • if the part is ‘vessel-shaped’, there is a risk of air pockets where the surface coating does not reach.
  • there must be no enclosed areas; no risk of screening, no surface cover there
  • there is a high risk of liquid seeping out between the parts spot-welded together, which could damage the coating.

Other services

Meter reports

  • To ensure quality, we regularly measure the thickness of the coating with a hand-held gauge.
    To receive an X-Ray measurement report and a printout of the results, please submit this request with your order.
    NB! The X-Ray measurement report costs €10 per product.


  • Storage and repackaging of galvanised parts


  • Vibratory finishing of details with abrasive stones
  • Vibro-machining of details with metal balls